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Originally Posted by nhssdf4 View Post
I notice Pablo has a chip on his shoulder when it comes to Opti-2, but I have several thousand miles..... HARD miles... Off road, on road, 90% of its life has been at WOT, and not once have i slung a rod, or marred my cylinder walls, and I average over 35mph, with a top speed at 41, clocked by police. So I swear by it, and will never use anything else. There may be "better" stuff out there, but i doubt it. For the performance and the longevity of the motor, this is the best.
No chip at all. I have never said one bad thing about Opti.

Choose ANY brand of 100:1 oil. Mix it truly 100:1. Choose a variety of racing oils. Mix them at 15:1, 20:1, 25:1. Run them all scientifically, in a double blind study on a real calibrated dyno in the SAME engine. I happen to know for a fact which oil ratio would have a higher power output. This does not mean "chip on my shoulder".

Sorry, I just keep an open mind.
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