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there are many forums with other "professionals" using opti2. i've seen lawnmower, chainsaw, tractor, and others, and all the threads parallel ours. everyone who uses it loves it, and everyone who's never tried it, condemns it.

i dunno why opti2 desn't sponsor any racers. they seem to like having an underground cult status. as far as the HP output, all the bikes i've run on opti are much faster than the ones on any other oil. that's not scientific, but it's good enough for me.

another thing to consider, is factory teams get free stuff. i know many people who use inferior products because it's free, and they get paid to do so. i'm a perfect example. i rode skateboards for Vision in the 80's, and hated almost all of their products. the decks i rode were custom made, i destroyed a pair of their shoes on a weekly basis, and flat-spotted their wheels every other day.

but they sent me truckloads of products, so it never mattered.
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