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Default Re: Now I own *two* DAX GT50r motors........

Again John Thank you very much I will go to that link and check it out, 50mph would be a bit much for me but if something is capable of that it should have plenty of giddy-up for the 30 MPH cruise speed and should be very good on the hills also, 28mph is still pretty good for a cruise speed though, I would just like to have a 3-5mph more on the flat for a little quicker trips if possible.

Thanks again, and keep the good advice coming I really appreciate it.

Peace, Shan

Originally Posted by fall_down_stand_up View Post
Mapbike,I have a 26 inch bike with farely smooth tires and on flat ground I am hitting 28 mph and sometimes up to 30....If you want to be able to stay at atleast 30 MPH all the time you might want to go with the Honda 2.2 hp engine or something else....The Subaru is rated to be a better quality engine than the Honda,but probley not by much....
There is a motor that is 4.2 HP and from what I hear it is of high quality....Here is the website....bb885
I hear people are getting top speeds around 50 with it....
Hope this helps....
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