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Default Re: Can someone please take a look at my pics...make sure all is alright

Aw, that's crummy about the fender. All those exhaust joints are just tubes fitted into other tubes, with silicone hoses sealing the joints. You should be able to unclamp any that are still clamped, and jockey the joints around to get it the way you like it. That big hose clamp over the pipe to the frame - tighten that down as needed to keep it in line, and it should be firm against the frame where the expansion chamber is, and not budge. You might like to get a new set of silicone tubes from SBP, as I recall the ones being on there were a little dry when I took the exhaust off to load it on the guy's car rack.

Good to hear about the fuel valve. I never had any problems with that valve. It was always shut off when perpendicular to the fuel passage. The only leak problem I ever had was the bowl drain screw, and I added a little hunk of gasket material, which handled it fine. I just never used that screw after I got it sealed.

Ah another thing about the tires - you can go up to 55psi in the rear, but don't go over 50psi in the front, or the bead of the tire will start to sneak out of the rim, and your ride will be horrifyingly scary. You can see what I mean by going up to 55 psi, and then turning the front wheel off the ground. That Husky front wheel is very wide.

If you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay for it?
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