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Default Re: Can someone please take a look at my pics...make sure all is alright

Thanks Nougat...small world I guess! I recently bought the bike from a guy in Schaumburg, nice guy but just had no use for it anymore. I've really enjoyed it thus far and there haven't been any big problems. Half of the front fender fell off, but that isn't a big deal. As for the possible leaking, I discovered that the switch that opens the fuel line, was off alignment, so when I thought I closed the fuel line path, it was actually still open. That was a simple fix. So for the exhaust, I simply turn it in a different direction,right? The tire upgrade and PSI is good information to have. Again, I'm just learning about all this. I'll let you know if I have questions later down the road. Thanks for responding and well done on the bike, its my first bike but I can tell that it's good work based on other things I've read about and seen on youtube.
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