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Default Re: Now I own *two* DAX GT50r motors........

I have looked at the website and have since seen the belt used in these kits, it's what is often refered to as a cogged timing type belt, where I work now we use this type of belt on many types of machinery, from very short to very long in many SAE & Metric tooth pitches and widths

It's hard for me to believe that gates has tooled up specifically to make a special demensioned belt just for the GEBE kits.......that type of belt is widely use in many industrial applications so I would think it wouldn't be a hard item to come by through a good industrial supply like Kaman or Mcmastercarr or Motion Industries.

If I'm wrong on this I'll admit it but does GEBE really sale a high enough volume of these kits to justify a major manufacturer tooling up and making a special belt just for them.....????

At any rate none of that really matters, all I know is that I really want one of those kits now and plan to get one real soon, I have a nice 26" Schwinn Comfort bike that would do just dandy with that set up I'm sure, just not sure which engine I wont yet.


Originally Posted by MotorBicycleRacing View Post
The GEBE belt is Kevlar reinforced and is only made for GEBE by Gates
in that long length.
V belt?
You must have never looked at the GEBE wesite as their belt is a
toothed design which mates with their snap on rear wheel sprocket
and motor gear.

There is an older GEBE belt that is not kevlar reinforced.
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