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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by rustycase
The hub flange is too big a diameter to accept the bolt hole diameter of a rag joint. So I moved on to another that looked fairly well, but the bearings are not quite as good, and it's a narrower rim than the best one..
Aw Snap, somebody posted an awesome vid on how to enlarge the center hole, but I forgot to favorite it... Hopefully they see this and re-post the vid. Dang!

I was along the lines of:
-using a drill press
-precisely mount 2 C-clamps at the rear of your base-plate holding a piece of straight-edged stock so the sprocket will turn smoothly(like 45degree angle)
-using a round grinding bit, slowly take off a little material at a time, by:
-starting point, take off a /32, or /64, turn the sprocket against the C-clamps a little, plunge the bit... until you get all the way around.

That'll enlarge the hole uniformly.

Dang, I hope someone remembers that vid...

Edit: oops, "Bolt hole diameter" -The technique I mentioned should work for the bolt-hole diameter, just use a smaller bit, and oblong the holes the same to get the dimensions you need. should still work
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