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Default Re: Shifter Bike Freewheel Skipping?

Thanks for the reply. Got the G4 unit back together with the 5/8 true running jackshaft and sprocket. What difference that made! The original Grubee shaft was turned slightly of center. Couple that with a sprocket that wasnt on center and the was a bunch of chain whip/oscillation. Smooth and much quieter now. I have been over the entire bike and the only thing I found was the teeth on the inner chain ring look like they could have been over run. I have the small 24t sprocket to get the ratios I wanted. Only has around 12t in the chain. Im thinking I will remove some chain links to increase the derailuer tension, its pretty weak now. I believe I read some where in the forum about doing this. I cant believe it would over run and not throw the chain, but the longer I live Im beginning to beileve anything is possible!
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