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Default Re: Hello from a noob

There are endless options for building these crazy bicycles! I see alot of great things on here every day. I surely wasnt telling you not to pursue your desire to cruise at 40mph speeds, I was just giving you a heads up of what to look for. If you have a deep wallet, you can do just about anything you wish. BUT you could surely cruise at 25 to 30 for long distances for little cost (kind of) Just ask yourself if the potential bike looks safe in ref. to welds, wheels, tires, brakes etc. If you are comfortable with it then give it a try. note: by little cost (kind of) I meant that my bike seems to get me for 20$ here and 20$ there every now and again for little upgrades and such. But a well built bike and properly installed motor can give you miles of enjoyment with very little hassle. ENJOY!
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