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Default Re: Can someone please take a look at my pics...make sure all is alright

Oh come on now, you know I paid attention to detail!

Couple more things I'm remembering now. When I rode it, I ran it with Opti2 at about 85:1 (because I could only get the oil in a container to add to a 2.5 gallon can, and my can would hold maybe 2.25 gallons), and a 66 jet. If you're going to use regular oil at 32:1, you're probably going to want to jet up to 68 to account for the change in mix. With the SBP pipe on it, it's pretty easy to hear when it's four stroking. If it does, back off the throttle a bit, then throttle back on, and it should jump back to 2stroke for at least a little bit. If it wants to keep 4stroking, jet it down.

I mentioned elsewhere that the grime on the chain stay and the bottom bracket and the rear wheel is not from anything leaking anywhere, but from the chain lube. I used a spray chain lube that makes a bit of a mess.
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