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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Ha! Ha!

...that's gonna be a Long Distance Goat now! ...Lotta fuel!

Hey tnx DD ! I gotta copy those instructions you wrote for me to dish a wheel and read it 3 or 4 times..:-) probably need to print it out so I can read it while doing it.

YESTERDAY, whew! trued 3 or 4 wheels and found one of the bunch with really great bearings and a nice looking rim... spent over an hour color sanding the spokes on it, then went to put on the rag joint....


The hub flange is too big a diameter to accept the bolt hole diameter of a rag joint. So I moved on to another that looked fairly well, but the bearings are not quite as good, and it's a narrower rim than the best one.
Oh well...

I also took a 1/2 round file to my front motor mount on the skyhawk engine and modded it to fit the frame. Don't have it quite right, but much better. I think I'll use a square cut out of a milk carton to take up some of the mis-alignment and bearing surface. Don't want to use rubber inner-tube material and don't have any garlock around, anymore.

...gosh these china girls are some scary horrid castings! lol
and the 'cleanup work' done with some sort of grinder stone is just as crude.
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