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Default Kulana Moon Dog Cruiser: The Beginning

Today I just bought a Kulana orange Moon Dog cruiser from a guy I met on craigslist for $80.00;mint condition straight outta the box. I already installed my rear sprocket without much hassle but it took about an hour& half to finish. Tomorrow after school I will be mounting my motor and/or throttle grips.

I have a minor problem with my Kulana; it has to do with seat post. It doesn't going in all the way.. like it's jammed or the seat post is too fat. how can I fix this? should I lube it up or file it down so it will fit?

Another question, is it possible to remove the handlebars on my Kulana and replace it with another? The handlebars are a bit awkward and they hit my knees when I turn. The handlebars I have that's on my other bike have a more natural feel to it. is it labor intensive? and also will I have to transfer the gearshifter and all that crap if I'm gonna make this work since my Kulana is a 6-speed? if it's too much trouble I won't even bother, the handlebars ain't that bad.

Thanks for your feedback fellas.
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