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Default Re: Leaky Petcock...

Originally Posted by Jesuswon1 View Post
Hey gang... so I finished my build this weekend (I'll post pictures in another thread) and I've been riding it around for the last 2 days and have just a few minor tweaks to adjust. one of wich is a leaky petcock. I put teflon tape on the threads just as suggested in the installation instructions but I now have a slow trickle from the tank side of the fuel valve. it is slowly trickling down the hose and puddling on the carb.
any suggestions? also I'm thinking of a hose clamp at the pressure fittings on the valve and the carb connections of the fuel hose. what solutions have you veterans come up with for these issues?

I'm positive it isn't leaking from the tickler button or the float bowl housing, so it must be the fuel line connections in addition to my leaky patcock valve.

If it is leaking from The fuel line A simple Cheap fix is to take two small pieces of thin Mechanics Wire
wrap it around the Fuel line At the top of petcock and fuel tank.Twist with Needle nose pliers And cut to length.

Hope this helps.


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