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Default Re: Man take a look at these prices

Agreed about the poor quality comments. I've seen motored bikes (probably including my first attempt, now that I think about it) which I would not trust to take me three blocks without a breakdown or accident and then there are some of the jewels we have admired here on this forum... technically they are also motored bikes, but the difference in quality, beauty and dependability is night and day. As for mopeds... some difference between the bottom of the line and a nice old 3 speed German Sachs or a Puch which were also classified as mopeds, but were more like well made light motorcycles. There are good ones and junk ones. Getting back to that bobber at 2 grand that several of us thought was pretty cool. I still think it's pretty cool and if repair parts were available would certainly consider it as another kind of alternate transportation. As Mapps pointed out, they have their different purposes and values. Most of us who like motored bikes are also drawn to light motorcycles, but many of us can't afford them. I can remember as a boy hearing young men trash the "crappy" English motorcycles coming into the USA at that time... like the 250CC Triumph. No, it wasn't a Harley hog, but I wouldn't mind having one. A little later it was those "crappy" imports from Japan, like Honda and Kawasaki, which would also be welcome in my garage (if I had a garage). What I saw in the video on the bobber did not look or sound like junk to me. It looked like a lot of bike for 2 grand. Just saying.
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