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Default Re: Honda elite scooter engine on a bike?

QUOTE=Diver;307172]the ENTIRE scooter weighs 165 lbs..not the engine. The engines are standard air cooled *cough* lawn mower-type engines we're basically working with here when we're talking 4-stroke engines of this displacement, 49-80cc and up- how much can they really weigh. Did you look at the above links? He build the bike..[/QUOTE]

Yes, I visited the link. Just two unclear photos and a brief review. Looks like he used the entire back half of the Honda scooter. I'm disappointed that he did not post better pictures, especially a few profiles.
The bike must look awfully weird with a 26" front wheel and a 10" rear tire.

If they could adapt even a 20" wheel onto the hub, it'd look more like a normal bicycle.

I'd LOVE to build a bike like that. A 24" rear wheel would be nice. Then the gear ratios would be 'way off.
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