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Default Re: Shifter Bike Freewheel Skipping?

Originally Posted by cannonball2 View Post
GhostO, Thanks for the explaination. This skip is under throttle load, riding down the road. It has nothing to do with shifting. It is a momentary free reving of the engine. I just completely dismantled the entite G4 unit, absolutely nothing slipping in there. I did machine me a new shaft from a piece of 5/8 jackshaft. The original one was mis-machined and had horrible run out, the bike surged at high speeds. The new one runs true and I replaced the sprocket with one like is used in the shift kit. Should be smoother now.

Donutguy: Im really thinking freewheel now, going to pull a rear wheel off one of my other bikes to see.

NT to down shift I just blip the throttle and shift down. If I am coming to a stop. I just down shift all the way to first while moving pretty fast, with the auto clutch you get about zero engine braking, so there is not much point in shifting down through each gear. I shift twice on the downshift to 3rd, then 1st. I can do this at cruise speed.
I have experienced this myself and baffled what was going on. I did have the 2 stroke kit but I think its the same principle. If not then sorry and good luck finding the problem I did check my rear wheel hub and it was functioning fine. It was a little scary cuz going through a corner while leaning, it would disengage,engine revving no load,and id have to stand the bike up again from falling. I did what some of the people sad and just ride it and youd get used to it. But in a couple days of riding, my heavy duty oneway,freewheel(Blue), fell apart while riding and all the cute little bearings fell out :0. I examined what was left of the oneway and inspected it when I walked the bike home. What Ive found was the teeth that the oneway was supposed to engage were wore out and forming a groove in the middle of it. so its kinda like a worn sprocket with the chain just spinning. Also inspect the wings ,thats what I call them, that spring open to engage the teeth. Make sure they open out without binding and are well lubricated.Check the sbp web site to properly dissassemble the oneway and inspect and service the onewasy frequently. Harder you ride the more frequent you should service this. Hope this helps.

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