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Default Re: Need a Tune-Up in Chicago

Originally Posted by Dr. Bob View Post
Thanks for the response Mark. So I guess I will take it in for a routine bicycle tune-up (brakes, tires, etc) to make sure all is good and I'll try and take care of the motor myself. There appears to be some leakage, but its hard to tell where its coming from, although it does seem to be coming from some of the tubing and the connectors. Any advice for resolving this leakage? Maybe a better clamp or some adhesive to wrap around the tubes/connectors? As for maintenance, any thing I could be doing to ensure that everything runs well and reliably?
What you're seeing as "leakage" is most certainly chain lube. I kept the chain well oiled with spray chain lube. It makes the rear wheel, in particular, filthy, as well as the chain stay on that side.
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