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Default Re: Can someone please take a look at my pics...make sure all is alright

You bought that bike from me.

How I had the exhaust on, the exit wasn't pointing at the hub, it was pointing down and back, parallel to the wheel, well away from the hub. I know we took the exhaust off in order to get the bike on your carrier and you had to put it back together - just twist it in the joints as necessary, and it'll be fine.

Chain looseness - you might be able to raise the tensioner wheel in the bracket a bit, but I rode that thing at WOT for 500 miles, and the chain never gave me a bit of trouble. The nuts and bolts holding the tensioner bracket to the chain stay are not the soft original hardware, but new, and tightened really well.

I had attached the cables to the frame with zip ties; they're snug, but not kinked or too tight, unless you added your own ties. 2door, you might be seeing the kill switch wire there.

I replaced the bit of fuel line between the filter and the carb shortly before selling it, because the clear line got real hard. With that line, there's not enough room for a clamp, but it should stay there. Really, there's barely enough room for a clamp with the clear line, either.

I hope you're enjoying it! I saw your other thread about a tune-up, and unless something goes wrong, all you need to do is put oil in the gas, and gas in the tank. Maybe change the spark plug in a while, if it tickles your fancy. About the potholes and rough roads - the front wheel is a Husky with 12ga spokes, but the rear is still the department store wheel. My next upgrade was going to be a Husky rear wheel, but I didn't get to it. I ran the tires at about 50psi, to get decent speed. Drop those down to 45psi. It'll cut your top speed down, but the ride will be smoother. Don't forget there's Slime in the tires, too, so when you see green stuff when you let the air out, don't panic.
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