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Default Re: My (re-)Build Journal

Didn't get as far as I wanted today. Super hot (90's) and had family activities take me away for a good portion of the day, but here is what got done today:

- Motor mounted (used a hockey puck to make the front mount)
- Throttle installed and cable in place
- Fabricated a "clutch roller" which really looks great! It attaches to two of the clutch cover bolts. This took a lot longer than it should but I am a brazing rookie.
- CDI in place and wires soldered together (white wire cliped and sealed up so no accidental shorts)
- Fuel line connected and filter in place
- Carb and exhaust mounted (trying the o-ring for the carb as previously I used high-temp RTV which worked great but is messy to clean up)
- Added a strap to support the exhaust to the frame of the bike. Long term I would like to weld a support tab to the muffler but that will require much more bending of the exhaust.

I did not get to the clutch cable (which I need to shorten), and the chain and idler. Unfortunately I need to head out of town tomorrow so it will probably be Tuesday night before I can get the rest done. I cant wait to get it on the road.

Pics will follow once it's all together.

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