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Default first time build

Bought the cheapest kit I could find (deal of the month?). Didn't know squat about motorbiking or about this forum at the time. Must have got lucky. China girl (66cc) bolted right up in the old mountain bike without any issues. Took my time and midway thru discovered this site. It really uplifted the spirits and made me take a long hard look at the China Girl Happy Time engine and kit in general. Can't beat it for a buck and a quarter. Upgraded the bolts on the chain tensioner after trying to tighten the stock ones which stripped the threads. The stock chain looked like junk and didn't even seem oiled. Bought a Regina pro gold 415 chain at the local KTM shop for $30. Also picked up a NGK 6BHS. Placed stock plug in round file with stock chain. Had to remove a 1/4" x 1" strip of metal off the sprocket cover for chain clearance in front of the sprocket. Apparently the chain is a little "beefier" but the "chain specs" are the same as stock or #41 chain. The chain is rubbing slightly on the crankcase which makes some noise. Didn't receive 'mystery tool' or would try to remove the sprocket and place a .005 or so shim behind it. The engine fired right up and ran like a champ. Couldn't believe it. Guess the chain will have to rub for now, cause I'm having one heck of a time riding it. Feel like a kid on his first motorcycle. Running the 50T sprocket and 16:1 fuel/oil mix. Seems to run just fine. Minimal exhaust smoke. Ran 2 tanks thru it and haven't fouled a plug yet. I'm sure China girl likes lots of lube.

Great forum guys!! Thanks to all of you that contribute.
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