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Default Re: Shifter Bike Freewheel Skipping?

Originally Posted by cannonball2 View Post
Thanks for the reply, but I dont think thats the issue. This happens while riding in a given gear, just riding a long. The bike shifts perfectly, and never jumps to a different gear underway. The primary chains have at least 1/2" of clearence even in top gear, I have watched them while riding, and they run smoothly. Its like if you were riding a motorcycle under power and pulled the clutch in for a second. The engine revs then grabs again. The rear freewheel is my suspect, and its new, maybe its defective.

Well hope you get it sorted,mine used to change gear on its own, slip gears ect, did my head for awhile then i noticed that the chains where touching and one was knocking the other out of line so causing slipping and jumping,it was fine in first second and third gear, but as i moved down thats when it started, if i just peddled the bike as normal it seemed fine, so after awhile a spaced them out and all good again, i thought it could of been the cassette worn out or stretched cable, but it was chain clash..
anyway good luck sorry i couldn't help.
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