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Default Re: Livefastmotors rear sprocket install instructions question.

Originally Posted by Spunout View Post
the thing with mounting the sprocket against the spokes, with no rubber spacer is this: you're bringing the chain that much closer to your tire. you can chew a cruiser-type balloon tire up with a quickness. to the point of rubbing a hole thru to the tube and PSSSSSSS!!!! flat tire.
That is a good point and certainly something to keep an eye on that I just noticed today. When I reassembled it this last time I did not bother remounting the chain guard. After a ten mile cruise I stopped to talk to someone who wanted to check out the bike and noticed some chewed up spots on the rear tire. I am not sure if they were there before or not, but I need to put the guard back on and mark the damaged areas. If more spots show up I will need to see if I can modify the guard to protect the tire better or perhaps even revisit the sprock alignment issue for alternative approaches with the sprocket mounted away from the spokes. I hate to mess with the alignment if I can help it, though, because the chain rolls so nicely over the sprocket now with never a jump or chatter.

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