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Default Re: Shifter Bike Freewheel Skipping?

Originally Posted by cannonball2 View Post
I have searched this and other people have experienced this. The posts were old and I never saw a definative answer, anybody figure it out? While riding momentarily the engine will rev as if it disengages for a second or less and only a couple of skips. Doesnt do it all the time. My chains are well spaced on the front chain rings and show no signs of contact, and there is not enough slack any where in the drive for the chains to skip a tooth. The bike shifts perfectly up and down through the gears. Its not jumping gears because the engine speed never changes when the skipping ceases(nor does road speed). Im beginng to suspect the rear freewheel maybe. Any thoughts?

i had this problem, as you shift down the gears the bicycle chain hits the other chain on the small cog on the jackshaft, so what i did was to put three washers on each of the five alan bolts in-between the outer ring and the inner ring on the crank and it works perfect now.
i found that as i geared down the gap got closer to the chain, so spacing the rings helped alot.

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