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Default Re: Big beauty genisis onyx

Originally Posted by Genisisonyx29 View Post
Ya they certainly do make great bikes. Im just a little concerned about the fenders. They not strong and i dont feel like goin head first into the pavement cuz of that. Is there anyway to make them stronger without having to weld them? And the someone said the handlebars were to big for the throttle. They look fine to me but i could be wrong
I have done the face plant thing due to fenders. Not fun. Now I drill holes in them and use ubolts. Works great and can be made to look like stock. Just my method and there are a ton more by some really gifted builders.

fender - Google Search

Read a few of the horror stories. Scary stuff. I can't suggest strongly enough, take em off if you can't shore em up right away.

That is gonna be a beautiful MB!
worst apocalypse ever
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