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Default Re: Man take a look at these prices

I agree with your assessment Tom. These bikes will never be considered a good choice primarily just for cheap transportation. There's already too much competition in that area. That seems to be the marketing approach many builders take though.

What I think motorized bicycles have going for then is, there's really nothing else like them, and they're big fun to ride, without a lot of legal red tape. Anyone expecting to sell them for a living needs to make them in such a way that when people see them they just want one, damn the cost.

If you base sales on low prices rather than high quality, you'll end up with a bunch of cheapskate customers, no profit, and no service repair income. I think the key at this early point in time in the motorized bicycle world is to create your own market. I have a lot of confidence it can be done if everyone in the country doesn't go broke first.
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