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Default Re: Man take a look at these prices

I don't see motorized bicycles, at least those that we are familiar with becoming a major player in the transportation market anytime soon. There are too many alternatives and attractive pricing for those looking for cheap, registration free transportation. You'd have to build one heck of a bike to compete with the plethora of inexpensive and reliable scooters available to day. There is a nitch market; those wanting something very unique and relatively affordable but as you all know our bikes require a certain level of mechanical competence to keep them running right. People who would pay the price for a well built motorized bicycle, generally speaking, are not going to be the kind to sit in his/her garage and tinker. They want it to start and run, every time and go for miles without a problem. Keep that in mind if you're going to compete with a 6 or $700.00 scooter.

As for that 250 bobber. I'd have to be assured that at least some critical and proprietary parts would remain available even if the U.S. supplier went belly up. If I buy one it won't be daily transportation but just a toy to play with on good weather days. That would take some of the load off the reliability issue for me. It's just a great looking bike that reminds me of the Harley Hummer I had when I was 15.
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