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Default Re: Man take a look at these prices

MB sellers need to find their nitch. Just claiming low cost transportation isn't enough imo. Obviously there's plenty of low cost transportation to go around. Some even claim to have 2 year warranties. The fact that in most cases we don't need registration, or licensing isn't going to be a huge incentive either, unless your customer base are a bunch of alcoholics who have all lost their licenses. Insurance for my Road King is only about $50 a year. A 150cc scooter will be less. I guess having to get a real motorcycle license is the only real obstacle, but if you're so decrepit you can't get a MC license, how long will you last riding anything with 2 wheels on the street?

So what's the answer? IMO store bought motorized bicycles need to go high quality, high end user to succeed. I'm thinking $1500-$3000. The main target customer will need to be a person that doesn't care what a motor scooter, or motorcycle costs. They have money, but not the skill or inclination to build a good motorized bicycle themselves.

Of course this won't effect any of us DIYers, but as long as that's the only kind of people riding motorized bicycles we'll always be minor league.
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