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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle/Moped or Bicycle..???

It's true, their is no sense in the equal application of regulation of many statutes here in us.
Seems to me it is all about oppression.
WHY the gubment would want to PREVENT the people from being more efficient is beyond me. (Well, it's not, but I get REAL political on the subject !) :-[

I read the google news just a few minutes ago, which highlighted some us financial issues, and I took a quick tab to look over at the us debt clock... amazing numbers over there. I really can't quite fathom how large they really are! but I think that's why we are always gonna see some kind of tax applied to the MABs, and anything else they can apply a tax to.
Whatever it may be today, it's sure to go up tomorrow.
A shame, because tax is just impediment to progress.
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