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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle/Moped or Bicycle..???

You have to arm yourself with knowledge about your local laws. It took me quite a while to find out anything around here, because it's hard to find anyone in our state government that actually knows anything about MBs. In Texas we don't have any laws specific to gas powered MBs. I guess that's why nobody knows anything. It's up to any local police to decide what they think the law is. So far in well over 1000 miles, no one has bothered me even once.

How old are you? The police generally will pick on a young person more than an older one, especially if there's no particular law about MBs. I'm 57.

It helps if you know what your rights actually are in the event of trouble. If you can inform the police in a polite way that you know what the law says about MBs, they probably will back off, unless you really are breaking the law. Try using the internet to find leads, to learn what the laws really are.
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