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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle/Moped or Bicycle..???

Originally Posted by ddesens View Post
What did they charge you at the impound to pick up your bike? I rode my bike to work yesterday for the 1st time since being motorized. People kept asking me if it was legal. I kept saying I really dont know here in new york state.

no i wasnt charged a penny, as there was no charges against me, so they paid for the recovery of my bike.

usually if a car gets impounded over here for a section 165 meaning no licence no insurance which is what the guy at the pound told me my bike had, it is 150 to get it released, but you have to show licence and insurance of which i had none.

but i do like biknut's theory of the bike not being self propelled on which i agree on that one, so id say yes it is truly bicycle....

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