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Default Re: Man take a look at these prices

Amazing what they can do and what they can do it for.

Originally Posted by DaveC View Post
There's not a moped among the bikes shown. All have to be licenced and insured.
Perhaps where you are but not true in all states. Here under an 50cc/2Hp scooter is the same as a moped requiring no plates/insurance/inspection.

Originally Posted by Lance Portnoff View Post
the whole idea behind a motorized bicycle is a do it yourself concept, no insurance or even a licence for that matter. you cant go down a bike path on one of those so it does not compare or even relate to motorized bicycles.
As noted above, insurance isn't needed everywhere but a DL is in many places to ride an MB. As to bike paths on an MB, a motorized bicycle might be run with the motor off but how many will be do that......... bit of a slippery slope there. Where I live they have cracked down on it, seems everybody carries a cell phone these days.

Originally Posted by 42blue15 View Post
The China girl bicycle motors will never be built that well, as there's not enough consumer demand anymore. The 2-stroke engines are already banned in China. The quality might hold steady for a while, but it is definitely not going up from where it is now.
Yup, the mass market, average consumer interested in 2 wheel transport doesn't want a bicycle , they want a slick, ready to roll scoot and the Chinese know this most of all from decades of personal experience.

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