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Default Re: why....dont bicycle shops...

Originally Posted by 2strokecycles View Post
but say you could weld your own frames, and use thicker gauge spokes? or strictly jack shafts?

sell to people with Moped licences, where im from we have thos here.

in the big city, i see ALOT of e-bikes.

i just see it as the most reliable form of transportation.

and with popularity you would see gas stations selling 2stroke mix.

if done within proper lawful regulations. why cant this be profitable?
Ah, he first blush of inspiration, the light goes on and we think. "hey, these would be great if..............etc etc".

Bicycle shops look at motorized bicycles as a liability, especially with cheap, made in china 2 strokes.

Then, define reliable and profitable. If you're thinking of a cheap china kit as the basis of profitability, you're automatically outside the realm of reliable.

More reliable engines, take it up a notch.
Heavy duty wheels, up a notch.
Jackshafts, again up.
Weld your own frames? Take it up a bunch.

Do your own due diligence and but ask any knowledgeable bike mechanic/MB builder about what it's going to cost to produce a from scratch, frame, drive train and suitable components equipped MB, built for mass consumer reliability and you will have entered or even surpassed the scooter/small motorcycle price point.

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