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Default Re: Man take a look at these prices

Originally Posted by Lance Portnoff View Post
they might look cool but good luck if you need parts, and who wants a cheap p.o.s. anyway, the whole idea behind a motorized bicycle is a do it yourself concept, no insurance or even a licence for that matter. you cant go down a bike path on one of those so it does not compare or even relate to motorized bicycles.
I'm with you, Lance. It doesn't take a genius to fix an HT, and getting parts is not a big problem either. Can't say I've tried bike paths, but that's a good point too. Some few of us would value our motorbikes more highly than these scooter things.

"There is nothing wrong with wanting a motorbike that is an extension of your personal taste and fashion sense; if you must ride somewhere, I say do it with style!"
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