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Default Re: Now I own *two* DAX GT50r motors........

Yeah...good point, but the power that motor puts out is *incredible*-you really have to experience it to believe it-I thought I put a small motorcycle engine on the rear of my bike.

It's kinda hard to go back to something slower even if it might not be as dependable.

At any rate-I'll have 2 motors (and 2 bikes when I get enough money to finish the 2nd bike) and both motors have a 6 month warranty.

From all my dealings with Dax so far......I have no doubt he will take care of me if I run into problems. He is fixing the motor I had issues with, hopefully that will be the last time I have any issues......if I do run into problems.....I am certain that Dax will be a standup guy and take care of me.

The guy I previously dealt with didn't return my emails, so that's why I changed vendors.
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