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Default need some advice.......

At some piont this year (when funds permit) I am going to install a DAX rear mounted chain drive kit with the GT50R motor.

The of the bike and with an inset of the rear seatstay area. Since the kit I want to purchase has a "U" shaped bracket on which the main section of the kit is mounted.

My question best to mount the U shaped bracket onto the bike so I can install the rest of the kit.

This is a fairly lightweight aluminum was originally a Schwinn frame which I painted with ChromaLusion color shifting paint. The frame itself weighs 3.5 pounds, so I kinda hesitate to drill to many holes into it.

My thinking was to drill a small hole into the main part of the rear seatstay to locate the center of the U bracket and them use the outer bolts on the u bracket to tighten the bracket down.
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