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Default Motorized Bicycle/Moped or Bicycle..???


i was wondering if a Motorized Bicycle is a Moped or not.? its not really a motor bike either well not like a Yamaha R1 or something like that.

does it really have a definition.?

i live in the uk i have been hassled by the police once or twice saying its a moped, but i beg to differ on that.

Moped's have peddles yes, but are not for peddling but for starting the engine only. but where as a (Motorized Bicycle) you can peddle any time all the time, so lets say the engine isn't running its a bicycle carrying a engine and if it is running its still a bicycle but being assisted by the engine so i guess how ever you look at it, it is truly a bicycle right...????

anyway i was just wondering how you see it, and how does your law see it in the US.

over here its all about tax i fear, if it runs on gas then you have to tax it. (piece of paper on your (windshield) yet if its electric thats ok.??

why i ask myself, its still a motor even if it is generated by a different source, i wish at times this country would adopt more ways from the US as from what i hear your laws are more relaxed about Motorized Bicycles, or am i wrong..????

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