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Default EZM in basic Siesta Key Kent Cruiser

Hi. Things are very slow at work, I'm kinda down in the dumbs and they're moving manufacturing out of America 1st quarter 2012. I've got nowhere to go, noone to talk bicycle motorization and three days off. Finally I'm going to install An EZM kit in a cruiser type bicycle. I spent at least an hour filing the pedestal mount to match the "V" frame. The front wheel is quick release on an older 26" wheel early eighties, looks strong steel, added kevlar tire, cleaned and greased-done. The rear is husky 26'' 12G shimano CB-E110 with MM adapter and MM or SportsCarPat sprocket about 66T. They look like jewelry to me- working on that, have all parts. I will brace the EZM transmission with seat post clamp with a goose neck or piece of old bike frame from the seat tube to the rear bearing carrier on the transmission. I bought some metric 8.8 grade nuts and bolts. I'm feeling a little bit happy now. I'm taking a small break to talk to you. I'll work on learning pictures when done. I want to focus on finishing this before early Monday morning. It's a simple direct install with minimal modifications. It's a good feeling to have this website as a source of questions to solve any problem. Thankyou very much.
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