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Hi all

Here is my up date, I started with a new 66cc engine with opti 2 70:1 break in 2 tanks (1 gallon).
It ran like !@$%#@ 4 strokin all over its self. after 2 tanks i switched it 100:1 and it ran like real #$@#@#@##@#$@#@. so i order some number drills and solderer shut the jet and started working down in jet size. i am now at #73 .061mm and needle at 1 notch from the top and it runs a lot better still 4 strokin intermittently but i can live with it for a while. The plug still looks a little rich but closer.

my next drill smaller is #74 0.0225 in/0.572 mm to small i think so i will order a #60 jet. i think that will be about right. if i move the e clip to the top it falls off at top speed too lean. move the e clip to the the middle it 4 strokes more so i am getting close

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