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Default Re: Aluminum Frame Failures

That is mighty cool of you to have done that.

That kinda "if not me, who? If not now, when?" sorta thinking and doing is in short supply IMHO. I really do believe that a whole lotta bad in the world could be fixed with a very little bit of good. Just like that.

I kinda think you answered your own question and should motorize a bike you specifically would like as a MB. At first it will seem like a great expence but if it will bring ya more joy, big time worth it. I tried doing the math once. But based on 2 smoker kit price and living 6,000 miles on a $150 bike, worked out to some thing like .5 cents a mile for months and months of fun. Dunno, just saying.

Lots of great used bikes for sale too. Clist, tag sales. Can find some awesome ones and/or parts to build one at the dump.

Post lots of pics!

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