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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

Originally Posted by motorbiker View Post
An older heavy steel frame that will fit the motor without adding a bracket on the front.
The motor will fit tight and not put so much stress on the front studs caused by using a bracket.
Ya, there is a trade-off using a front bracket, that being the screws job so you need good ones, but I am partial to the fatter down tubes and the mounting point of the brackets clamp.

A down tube the diameter of a seat post (the motors size) is pretty thin, especially with today's budget Chinese bikes thin metal. Besides being more prone to bending or breaking, I find that the low mount point makes the motor more prone to 'leaning' to the left without constant attention to the mounting nuts.
With a SBP front mount the size of the fatter down tube and pointed upwards, besides having the much better muffler clamp gripping the fatter down tube, you move the motors mount point higher up the motor and farther away from the seat post clamp thus (in my cases anyway) doing away with motor lean.
A frame with horizontal dropouts in the rear.
That way you can adjust the chain and throw away the chain tensioner.
I do love no drive side tensioner.
Ideally the bike would be a 5 speed derailleur with horizontal drop outs.
You can adjust the drive chain by moving the wheel back, and with the 5-speed you have a nice low end gear plus a built in pedal chain tensioner.

But back to Wally World Bikes.

I have done some research into bike manufacturers the last few weeks to see who to talk to about assembling a bicycle model that would be a fine bicycle for just pedaling, but super friendly to motorizing in the $150 - $200 price range and found what I was looking for.

The Cannondale, Schwinn, GT, Mongoose, and Iron Horse brand bikes are all owned and made by Dorel Industries, Inc. and made in China.

Dorel's biggest customer is of course Wally, the king of super mass produced disposable goods for sale.

I am out of time to go into my plan to get us an ideal motorizing bicyle at Wally's for a good price, but if you want to see what I considered the key to get in you can look at Dorel's 2010 Finical Report

Specifically look at what this guy had to say.

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