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Default Re: Aluminum Frame Failures

Thank you for the replies, fellas.
I'm kinda on the fence about whether or not to soup up my Roller. I pretty much like it just a the way it is. Only mod I've done is to swap out the bars, the stock bars went on my daughters Kulana because she didn't like the beach bars it had, awkward fit so we swapped and I love the Roller with the longer bars. Perfect, should be stock on every Roller IMHO.
We ride on the weekends a lot and I do want to keep a stock peddle bike so I'm leaning towards building with steel under me arse and leaving the Roller as is.

Dan I hear you man. Reminds me of something from years ago I did. The same nasty pothole everyday on my way to work thing. It wasn't getting fixed. I went out and fixed the thing myself. Got tired of calling the town maintenance lackeys and just went out at night when traffic was slow and put Quikcrete fence post mix in it. Cost me about ten bucks- end of headache. I had a little kids wading pool still behind the shed from when my kids were small, perfect disposable mixing tub. Tossed it up into the back of the truck, in went three bags of mix, garden hose/shovel shuffle boogie and five minutes later I was there slinging it on site. Done deal.
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