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Default Now I own *two* DAX GT50r motors........

My original DAX GT50R is back with the guys at Dax getting a head bolt replaced under warranty......I like the motor so much...I bought a 2nd one so I always have a spare.

It ain't here yet and since my original motor is being repaired....I kinda don't have *any* motors right at the moment :-(

I eventually plan to use the 2nd motor on another bike I own with Dax's rear mount chain drive system as more funds become available. My main bike is friction drive so it will be cool to have a bike with the chain drive as then I'll be able to ride in crappy weather without having to worry about the drive roller slipping on the tire.

The bike I plan to mount the chain drive kit to is an aluminum framed mountain bike...this bike weighs 23 pounds-I would imagine it's gonna be fairly quick once I get the money to buy the rest of the parts I need.
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