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Default Re: Idler Wheel - Chinese make crappy bolts

A friend of mine is a buyer for an American retailer that shall remain nameless. His job is to go to China and scout products/ broker wholesale deals to supply his company with Chinese made wares to be sold here. He is constantly back and forth and spends probably half the year in China.
According to him much of what is imported from China to the U.S. is second rate junk. This is deliberate and they actually have laws over there forbidding the sale of this garbage in China. This stuff is strictly for export to the U.S., what they view as a convenient dumping ground for cut rate materials. Products produced in China for sale in China are held to high quality standards. OP mentioned bolts. My friend tells me that metal is always particularly suspect. Machining is expensive and products containing metal parts we receive here get the bare minimum of attention. Heat treatment basically does not exist. It too is expensive and time consuming. A bolt made correctly to the standards of the S.A.E. from the proper materials and heat treated properly will not fail like that under normal conditions.
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