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Default Re: Livefastmotors rear sprocket install instructions question.

Originally Posted by fairracing31 View Post
.... livefast says for multi-speed mount sprocket/spokes/rubber/rubber....but I do not know anyone how does it that way ....
I initially mounted mine 'properly' but the sprocket was visibly mis-aligned and occasionally throwing the chain. I dissembled it then remounted it with both spacers inside the spokes which moved the sprocket in the width of one rubber for better alignment and no more thrown chain.

Although most installation instructions concur with sandwiching the spokes, I have seen at least on other that maintains that only one rubber is needed on the inside of the spokes and the outer one can be omitted entirely. I personally feel that every application has its own tweaks. Pulling the sprocket directly against the spokes is not something that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy but the mounting setup itself has its appeal more in its effective simplicity than any engineering marvel of strength and security.

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