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hello everyone,
I went to buy fireworks the other week for the 4th and low and behold, a beautiful enginezed bicycle. After begging and pleading with my wife and explaining how much money i would save in the long run by installing one of these I finally got the ok and bought a bike, (Next la jolla street cruiser) i have had my eye on a mcgrubee gt5 66cc but now that I look at the diminsions I'm worried it's not going to work due to the bottom bar of the bike curving upward. I think if I know how long the highest part of the engine was I could possibly stuff it in the widest part of the middle of the frame but I don;t want to invest almost 200 bucks on an engine that I can't install and the place I was going through doesn't take refunds for that. So if anyone could help me I would be forever grateful and I will have pictures of the bike up soon probably tomorrow on the 14th. thank you for reading this. and good luck with all your bike tricking.
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