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Default Re: 2-stroke electric starter??

I may be a little late and long winded but here's what I might do with my Stiletto. It's basically the same thing as the kick start someone in the thread mentioned. The basic idea is to find someway to attach a freewheel or one way bearing to your jackshaft and a way to crank it with the back wheel of the ground.

Find out the size of the keyed shaft on the shift kit and get one an inch longer. Then goto Station Inc and get a freewheel, the free wheel adapter that matches the outer diameter of your shaft and a shaft collar if you don't already have one. Looks like SBP uses 5/8 so you can get your longer shaft at Station Inc to. Now the tricky part. Find a 540 (I think? its the size they use in power wheels and most drills) sized electric motor and find some way to drive the freewheel bike sprocket with it.

Even with just a 6v SLA or 7.2v RC battery pack these little motors should be able to turn over an HT, as long as you remember to lift the back wheel off the ground. And they are cheap less than $5 if you don't have to pay shipping. Here is and example of one such motor at about $12 shipped. Or you could just yank one out of an old cordless drill or Power Wheels.

Shouldn't be to hard to attach a chain sprocket to one of these motors. My plan is drill a hole in half inch long piece of rod and another hole for a set screw. Then weld that centered to a metal plate big enough to weld to the smallest single speed bike sprocket I can find handy or cheap. I'm sure there are other ways but that's just what came to mind.

Now if someone could just tell us how if even possible what ferball said about using the same motor to start as an alternator once the engine kicks in, I might actually use this setup. Otherwise the Stiletto gives me plenty of room for the cheaper simpler pull start option.

Or with the right gearing weld an old bottom bracket with the sprocket and one crank arm somewhere and run a chain from it to a freewheel on the end of a jackshaft. It's a lil out there but I would like to see someone doit lol.

Another random thought. I bet someone could turn one of the pull start kits into a kick or electric somehow. Might have to look into that if I buy one for the Stiletto.
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