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Default Re: Custom Frame For Thumper Motor

Originally Posted by msrfan View Post
Hi Jeff. Very nice motor. I've got one on a go kart and it runs great in stock form. I like your thoughts on brainstorming and sharing ideas. I was wondering if you were thinking of rigging a recoil starter back onto it. Also, did your motor come with the little compression release on the cam?. And if so, did you leave it on for easier starting? I'm working on a design that allows pedal starting with a Comet Torque-a-verter. If I can perfect it, it would make my life a lot better when I get a Comet on one of my bikes. I don't mind a pull rope so much until I kill the motor and can't bump or pedal start it. Right now my bike just has an autoclutch with a one-way bearing. Works great but I'm stuck with limited torque range. Let me know what you think. Dale.
I have no plans to install a recoil starter on it, kinda like the rope a dope way of starting it. It has no compression release on this motor, its easy to start since this is a low compression motor to start with.

I am not sure if you can get the coment clutch to work with might be a first. The CVT that I have is a GTC brand, works good for now...I think you will really like the operation of the CVT.
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