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Thanks for the chat. I am Jerry the designer and builder of the first of many Cherokee Motorbikes..... I am an inventor, Master Tool and Die Maker, Machinist, Artist and businessman.... (I have been working with metal for over 40 years) I am in the process of finishing the prototype motor. It is not really a V-Twin... It is 2 motors running indepentantly together. In other words... If you remove one of the plugs you can still travel on one motor. As far as the heads facing the wrong way. Not a problem.... done deal... As far as the choice on welding or brazing the frame... my choice is to braze.... As far as insurance on the product.... Not a problem either.... Once I finally mount the motor today... final design and mock-up will happen..... I have been faced many design issues with this project. All of them have been solved including some you have posted.... I want to thank all of you for your input... To have a product that is criticized is not a problem…
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