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Originally Posted by cherokeemotorbikes View Post
Also, let's face the facts... If you are going to get sued, you can get sued nowadays for anything.....
Realistically yes you can be sued over almost anything. That is not the issue the real issue is how well you do due dilligance to make things as safe as possible to current standards. If you make a hot rod today for someone and use drum brakes all around which was the industry standard for 1960 you can expect to be sued when a dumb a** doesnt understand the effect of rain on drums or heat related brake fade and crashes into a wall This is an undefendable position.... Where if you build a product with 4 wheel disc brakes that are to current industry standards you have a stance that is defendable if the user has an accident with your product. Fact is if you build this frame and simply braze it you WILL have some degree of failure. If you get sued once you will most likely go broke. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

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