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Default Re: Ernst from Turllock Ca

Mounting the new motor with the Sick Bike Parts mount kit is good. The way I did it will be shown soon but I hope it is right.

I decided to mount it where the rear mount was square with the seat tube rather than try and grind and fit. This means my drive chain is short so I have to find out how to lengthen that.

Well the SBP expansion is now just a tad short so I will be extending that tube tomorrow by cutting and welding a new piece into it. That is a good thing as I feel longer tube is better since we had to settle for a "too short" tube with the previous mount according to the advice I read here.

This may also be a good time to build a better chain idler or do without.. I don't know. I picked up a sprocket idler off ebay so I have that. I was considering a hybrid of a roller and a gear together spring loaded to apply tension. I do not like the idler sound but hey it works.

That was it for today. I am waiting on a part for the electric and looks like I will be discovering what I need as I go on the engine.

I'll post pictures when this is final and running because I hate to back-track on posting what I did when it may change slightly.

Feels good except the clutch may need adjusting inside to spin free. I will see.

So much to learn and doing it day by day.
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